Dairy Products

Our milk and dairy products include:

  • Fresh Full Cream Milk
    Enjoy the creamy taste of full cream milk
  • Fresh Low Fat Milk
    With only 1% milk fat
  • Long Life Products
    Long Life Milk for the Dewfresh Brand
  • Yoghurt
    Our plain yogurt is tasty and soothes the stomach
  • Drinking Yoghurt
    Drinkable yogurt is tasty and keeps the digestive system clean
  • Smoothies
    Try a smoothie for a healthy alternative
  • Fresh Cream
    Buy fresh cream straight form the Farm
  • Juices
    We deliver juice in an assortment of flavours

We package our milk under the brand Wynn-with Dairy, and for Long Life Products with Dewfresh.

All our milk is pasteurized, homogenized and clarified.